Thursday, July 5, 2012

Well, it's been a long time...... Perhaps, I think, too long since my last post... I've kinda been busy since my last post since it was spring, and I was desperately trying to finish up my school that felt like it was going to overwhelm me.... But thankfully I finished it. (thanks to my awesome Mom).
What now you ask? Well, I'm not all that interesting since I'm kinda shy when it comes to meeting other people... ;) But those of you that know me well, know that I'm not all that weird when you get to know me. but enough of my lame descriptions of myself.. :P
Since my last post, I have finished school, turned 16, and have just recently come back from Boy Scout Summer Camp at Worth Ranch Scout Ranch, which is the oldest Scout Camp in Texas... I earned 4 merit badges at camp: Oceanography, Shotgun Shooting, Emergency Preparedness, and Cooking... I was going to do Cinematography, but my teacher probably didn't know the from end of the camera from that of the back, so on the last day of camp, I played "hookey", and instead, went back to my campsite to ensure that my tent-mate had not made the tent look like a hurricane had gone through.. Unfortunately, my tent had looked like a hurricane had gone through it, so I then went to go find my tent-mate, and I made him clean it all up...

Some people have asked me multiple times what Emergency Preparedness is, so I will explain: Emergency Preparedness teaches people how to respond, and how to act when a major crisis or emergency happens i.e.: a car accident, house fire, electrical fire, etc. It is an Eagle required merit badge, so I had to do it. Thankfully the guy who was teaching it was only a month older than me, and he liked to joke a lot so we wouldn't be all serious the entire class, and I am still thankful for that guy...
Here are what the different merit badges look like:

This is Oceanography:

This is Shotgun Shooting:

This is Emergency Preparedness:

This is Cooking:

Why do I need to do the cooking merit badge you may ask? Well, even though I can cook pretty well, I wanted to do the merit badge in hope that it would be easy. I was not disappointed... It was relatively easy, and I was probably the only one in the entire class that could cook more than toast.. :P And since I had a lot more cooking experience, all of the other kids in the class looked like they wanted to kill me since I was the only person in the class that came prepared, because I didn't want to look dumb if I hadn't already studied a bit...
Shotgun Shooting was also very fun since I had never fired a shotgun in my life. My instructor for Shotgun Shooting was very encouraging because every time I missed a clay pidgin,(which wasn't very often) would say: "It's okay that you missed, just try again. I know that you can hit those."... He was my favorite instructor.. All in all, camp in it self was not bad, it was just all the bad food, lack of sleep, and hot weather that made it unpleasant... :) 

Other than camp, I haven't been doing much, other than getting ready to go to Summer Sanctus and seeing all of the people I know, and especially seeing my best friend, Victoria.. :)

I recently found a really cool game that is very fun. It's called Tribes: Ascend. It is a first person shooting multiplayer game.

And this is what it looks like:

More or less... :P It's a lot cooler if you actually play it, and it is free to play!!! :D

Other than that, I haven't been doing much of anything worth posting... Other than I read a lot of books in the summer time...

Here is a book I have read recently:

It is a pretty cool book... It is book 3 of the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan, who did the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books.

Other than reading, earning merit badges, and playing really cool video games, I rather boring and odd... XP

So, until next time, always be cool! :D

~The Lone Pegasus

P.S. Just a note to Victoria: Thank you so much for being my friend, as well as my pen-pall.. :) I'm VERY  blessed to know you, and I hope that I can always be your friend.. I am also thankful for you always smiling, and laughing at all of my silly, and lame jokes that I make to try to keep you in a good mood... :) I cannot wait to see you this month at Summer Sanctus, and I look forward to talking to you... :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year....

It's the 'New Year', and everyone is making New Year goals, like Braden, who is doing a 365 + 1 picture project... Unfortunately, I have NO IDEA what on earth I'm going to start.... I could try to read 100 books this year, but I did that last year...
So, if any of my blog readers (which I fear aren't anymore than 1 or 2) have any ideas on what I should do, please let me know...

I recently developed a new respect for coffee in things, like chocolate mocha, while drinking a Ghirardelli mocha mix that no one else was brave enough to try. So, it was like 60% coffee, and 40% chocolate, and other things that one might put in a mocha mix. So, after drinking the stuff every morning for 3 weeks, while using less and less Swiss Mix hot chocolate mix, I finally started drinking it plain, and after that, I got used to the flavor.. Go coffee...

Also, for all of you that know I play the mandolin, you also know that I mostly play Medieval music. And I just recently ordered a NEW Scottish Mandolin Music book off of!!! I can't wait to get it and play until I pass out... Here is a picture of the front of the book:

Allan & Aleksandra Alexander, have some of THE BEST MANDOLIN MUSIC EVER!!!

Aside from that, I will try to get a new mandolin eventually, because my "Rouge A-100 A-Style Beginner's Mandolin", needs to retire, and take a LONG vacation to the landfill...

And that is what it looks like... Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works...

Here is a picture of the one I would like to get:

And this is what it sounds like:

Also, I received the "Star Trek the movie" Soundtrack from Kieran and her husband Richard!!!
It's one of the BEST soundtracks Michael Giacchino has ever done. Also, I had no idea my Mom had 10 Star Trek books, and she let me read them, and a lot of the short-stories are very good! (Like "The Last Gun Fight" and "The Trouble With Tribbles") and reading the books while listening to the soundtrack is very good! (Especially if you have it on shuffle.)

I love epic music, such as the Russian National Anthem, (even though I don't care to much for Russia), and Star Wars and Star Trek have very good music as well. And I also happen to like "Space Music". (Which includes stuff like the Star Trek movie soundtrack, and other space Sci-Fi movie soundtracks)

So, all that being said, I'm going to sign off.

Happy New Year!!!
(Scotty, beam me up!)
~ Timothy Smith 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello again!

   Spring is a marvelous time of year! Cool days, flowers, trees, and grass starting to turn green, and the soft gentle breeze stirring the leaves of the Cedars and Oaks.

   Also Spring brings in colds that cause Pneumonia..... Yes Pneumonia. Starting Monday, March 14, 2011 at 12:24 A.M. I was sitting in bed at the hospital in Weatherford, when my doctor came in and said "What did you think it was?" to which we replied, "Kidney stone?"
"No, he (Timothy) has Pneumonia in his right lung..."
After that, I almost fell out of bed.
The Doctor said I couldn't go anywhere for 10 days.... So tomorrow, I can go somewhere!!!!
I haven't gone anywhere for the past week and a half! Being cooped up while being sick, is not my idea of Spring Break....
But, I digress.
Just to let y'all know, I am almost completely 100%.

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well, today I finished my Family Life project!!!
That means I will get the merit badge on Sunday!
Other than that, I will be Star rank.....It's cool.
By the way, the Air-Show was a disappointing because they didn't have as much stuff there as there was last time.

This is my Family Life project. I had to throw away the original top because the top was water damaged. So, I saved the outside trim, I cut out a new piece of plywood, I stained the entire thing, put a brace on the bottom, and during the process I had to take the door off.

And here is me working on it,

I am showing my stain job on the underside

 more stain

And...The top.
Here I am putting the brace on.

Above, it is almost finished just have to put the door on
Below....... IT IS FINISHED!!!!!

And what is it for you ask?

Our library printer!!

So, after all that you might want to check out my brother's blog, it's cool.

By the way this is the Star Rank patch.....

ok, it's not that big..

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well I know I haven't blogged since September 27, but I have had so much to do that I couldn't write.

So, all is well in Millsap. I am going to the air-show on October 30th with some of my family, and some friends.
At the air-show, there will be lots of jets, private jets, military helicopters, private helicopters, and BIG HUGE MILITARY PLANES LIKE THE B-52 Flying Fortress!!!! Yeah I know, I love aviation. But also there will be the Virtual Army Experience!(AKA V.A.E.) The V.A.E is a thing to where you get in a "Jeep" or a "Black-Hawk Helicopter" and you have heavy guns that have lasers in them, in and on the vehicle of your choice, and you shoot at people in the game.(By the way, a projector under the vehicle projects the game on three screens per vehicle.)

Also there is all the concession stands where you can get food anywhere from corn-dogs to barbecued turkey legs.

Ok, I will stop about the air-show. I packed all my "Summer" clothes away, and I got out all my "Fall" clothes.
One of many things I like about Fall is, all the leaves start to turn gold, brilliant red, and orange. Then they all fall down eventually and when you take a nice quiet walk, they crunch beneath your feet, making you feel better than you did when when you woke up. And this is the first year i have seen acorns falling from our oak trees since we moved out here. It rained like crazy last week, and within a few days, the ground looked exactly like it did before it rained. :-)
I am trying to get pictures of things that I have seen or completed but yet i have not. But  I will show you a picture of something!

The Apache AH-64 attack helicopter!

I would like to fly helicopters eventually and get a job flying them.

Well I can't think of anything else!(Other than the Court Of Honor on November 14 that will officially make me Star rank.)

Have a blessed week,


Monday, September 27, 2010

Cool weather! (as well as new earphones!)

AAAHHH!!! The wonderful cool sweet country air...... I could breath it forever....Oh I didn't know you were there.. So, today I woke up FREEZING!! :-) It was only 50 degrees but it felt like -20. But soon I will get used to it. I am now a Star Scout, and Braden is a Life Scout. So back to this morning, I woke up feeling like I lived in the South Pole, got up and shivering, got dressed and headed down to our library where I thought I might find something to do. Without finding anything to do, I went upstairs to find my iPod. When I picked it up, my hands almost stuck to the back. :-) A couple of months ago my blue JVC earphones broke, so I have been using some cheap white ones that muffle everything, but today my Dad got me some new JVC earphones. THEY ARE AWESOME!! While listening to Baby It's Fact by Hellogoodbye I write this blog. If you ever listen to Hellogoodbye, the music videos are kinda corny. But anyway I like the band. I hope to post pictures soon but alas, I am not a much of a picture-man, so Braden(The Photographer) will help me take amazing professional pictures with his Nikon D-40. So until tomorrow, or the next time I blog.. Farewell!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My first Blog!

Hello everyone!!(those who are reading this) I am happy to share some of my life with you!

First off, I started this not only for fun but also I needed to finish up a merit badge... So, obviously I named my blog after my interest for Chemistry(which I am really interested in). Right now I have a headache from this morning's event, which was packing up from camping since Thursday evening. We went to Dinosaur Valley State Park to go camping because, the place where we were originally going didn't reply.... So we went to the state park. I had a great time(except for falling 12-14 times in the Paluxy river). Today, just after we left the park, it rained! It was perfect timing because, for one thing, the forecasters said it would rain Thursday and Friday night. Boy were they off by about 48 hours. The other thing is, we DESPERATELY needed the rain. But the cool thing was riding home with my friend Liam. Whenever we are going somewhere, Liam and I make up some road trip joke... This time everything was "Jumbo-Large" which actually stole from another thing that doesn't matter. So for now I won't keep you from doing something else.